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LErbolario 1

Tel. 045 7236783

The first users of our cosmetics were the visitors to our herbalist in Lodi. L'Erbolario was in fact founded in Lodi in 1978, as Premiata Erboristeria Artigiana. Here, in the back of a little shop in Corso Archinti, Franco Bergamaschi and his wife Daniela Villa, founders of the L’Erbolario, created their first cosmetics, using old and tested family recipes.

Aromatic waters, bath oils and lotions are all characterized by the derivation of purely natural ingredients, with delicate scents, not at all contrived, and clean and appealing packaging graphics.
To celebrate our 35 years together visit the L’Erbolario on Youtube! Here's the video of "Cose dell'altro Geo", which was broadcast on 15th February 2013 on Rai3.

Success was immediate: thanks to word of mouth Macassar Oil, Nettle Root Lotion and Cream with Royal Jelly, which still enrich the L'Erbolario product-list, collected more and more admirers, and not only in the city. At the end of 1983 the L'Erbolario production site moved to a more spacious site, the historic headquarters in Via Nazario Sauro, on the banks of the Adda.

Here begins a period of thousands of current steam distillation, extractions from plants in trickling glass filters, more and more complex cosmetic preparations. Years during which the friendly relationships that originated during the studies, turn into fruitful collaborations: L 'Erbolario makes his first steps under the aegis of personalities like Dr. Vera Lodi, Paul Rovesti, initiator of the Italian Phytocosmetology, Gianfranco Patri and Professor Gianni Proserpio, who led for years the work of the l’Erbolario’s Research and Development Laboratories.

Time passes with enthusiasm, sleepless nights, hard work but also rewarding success: L'Erbolario, from a small family-owned business, is transformed into an internationally renowned company. In 1994 L'Erbolario moves once again and finds its permanent headquarters in San Grato, in a production site immersed in the green of the Parco Adda Sud.
From here, still today, every day, scented loads of cosmetics depart to over 5000 Italian herbalists and pharmacies with herbalist departments, but also to shops spread across the world. The story of the L’Erbolario demonstrates how the herbal component, supported by constant scientific research, remains an essential element of a cosmetic product.

Along its development L'Erbolario has lost nothing of its special and original philosophy: in the first place there is the utmost respect for nature. This is combined with the latest technology and the most recent knowledge. It's nice that in a world dominated by the virtual era, the L'Erbolario remained a world, in which a rose still smells like a rose.

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