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yogurtlandia n

Tel. 340 8359889


The brand Yogurtlandia was founded in the summer of 1994 by the Venetian businessman Eusebio Galante, who decided to embrace a new and in Italy unknown business area, that of yogurt shop franchises.
During a trip to the U.S. he was fascinated by the original format which had reached enormous proportions: the yogurt shops. In his eyes, the idea was winning, but not perfect. Back in Italy, he devoted himself completely to this new business. According to his entrepreneurial vision it would have a great development over the years.
We are in the nineties. In the general public a relentless desire for genuine and healthy products is growing. In this sector, yogurt can be considered a crucial point if we analyze it from the sensory point of view.
First it was necessary to change the product. It’s popular in the U.S., but was ill-suited for the European palate.
The North American frozen yogurt is a very cold product with a granular consistency due to small ice crystals. Furthermore it’s too sweet, fatty and has a high milk content.
Yogurtlandia creates a new product, cool but not cold, smooth, creamy, light and above all made with fresh yogurt without the use of milk. For its preparation yogurt from South Tyrol: Mila yogurt is used exclusively.
Years full of difficulties and successes followed. Step by step franchise will become a leader of retail in Italy and thanks to Yogurtlandia a commercial format called "yogurteria" was created in our country.
Over time Yogurtlandia has grown, and the small, at home and abroad esteemed and recognized Venetian company, has become a reference point for the yogurt industry.
In 1996 the first Yogurtlandia franchise was opened in the seaside town Paola in distant Calabria.
Today, after more than sixteen years, the store keeps a good pace always working under the banner Yogurtlandia.
A year later, three new stores were opened in Calabria (Cosenza, Sibari, Rossano). The stores are still open today.
In the following years Yogurtlandia stores were opened in all southern Italian regions.
In October 2001, the sole proprietorship gave way to a more complex structure with limited liability: YO.GA Ltd, the company which still deals successfully with the development of the brand today.
In 2003 YO.GA Srl became an active member of Assofranching and in 2008 was accepted as part of Unindustria.
Another honor was the recognition in 2010 of Yogurtlandia by Invitalia. Invitalia is a corporation belonging to the Italian Ministry of Finance and deals with the financing of new franchising activities. Invitalia selected Yogurtlandia as sole partner in the Jogurteria industry.
The switch to Srl has introduced many changes in the company, all devoted to better achieving objectives and to a more complete organization, essential for managing a large number of stores, located in the most remote areas of Italy.
Today Yogurtlandia has over 100 stores in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, United Arab Emirates.
One thing has not changed and will never change: the continuous quest to improve what is commonly recognized as the best product on the market, and the respect for the work of our affiliates without whom today Yogurtlandia would not exist.


• Frozen yogurt
• Fresh yogurt
• Crepes
• Waffles
• Sandwiches with ice cream
• Hot Chocolate
• Smoothies
• Centrifuges
• Milkshake
• Creamy Coffee

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